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The answer is simple. I am a partner of the trading platform, so I attract customers under the terms of the affiliate program, and I am interested in profits of the people I’ve attracted to the trading platform, since I receive a certain percentage from each of each of your profitable bets, and the more you earn, the more I earn. My profit entirely depends on yours.

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My name is Brett Hicks, I am 28 years old.

I'm a regular guy from Sydney's outskirts. For a long time I’ve worked as a merchandiser for different trading companies and generally things went pretty well, but my career was not going uphill. A lot of work, my day was packed from morning to night, but in fact the companies I worked for didn’t pay that much. I wanted to be able to afford this and that, going on a vacation more often, things everyone would love to have. I ended up borrowing so much money that I had to live and work just to pay the debts.

I decided that it was necessary to change something, to look for some extra ways to earn money. I surfed the internet and started looking for something. I took some classes and courses on making money, but it didn’t work – the income was too low. Having searched for some time, I stumbled across an option that turned out to be really effective. I figured it out and seriously got down to it. 

I finally returned all my debts, my income grew, now it could be 250$ or 350$ per day.
This was enough for me.
I quit my job to have more free time. Now I can spend it on myself, on my family and on doing sports. My last month’s net profit was about 8300$.

Why am I sharing this method with others and why am I not afraid of initiating competition?

Well because there’s no competition implied by this method, it's an excellent way to start making real money in comparison with mythical magic buttons.

There is really good money here, which gives you the opportunity to live like an average person without working that hard.

I have the chance to help other people, and I would like to take advantage of it.


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